PRINT Fridge Calendars

Visible and very useful

Postcards - Beyond business - bold and beautiful
Everyone has a fridge at home or at work, and how many times a day don’t we open that door? Get your brand and business seen each and every time with a high quality fridge calendar, magnetised so that it sticks!

Calendars are still very useful, despite the fact that we live in a digital age. Printed calendars don’t have a battery that can run flat, doesn’t have to be switched on or rebooted, and is always visible.

It’s a great gift to give your clients, whether they are organizations, businesses or individuals, re-enforcing your business relationship. It’s also a clever idea to give it to potential clients, as they will see your branding over and over, create a familiarity with your business. This means that in future, if they are in the market for your product or service, they will have a definite pre-disposition to do business with you.


Size: A4, A5, A6, DL

Paper: 350gsm

Finish: Matt, Gloss

Sides: 1 Side

Refining: Magnets

Packs: 10 - 5000

Fridge calendars are in full view all the time — it’s a very clever way of getting your business entrenched in people’s minds. Don’t delay — place your order today, and enjoy free delivery across South Africa.