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Tough low cost signage

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For sign boards that are lightweight and waterproof, correx is the answer. Traditionally used by estate agents and on building sites, this material is rigid and tough, but also well suited to withstand the elements. It is also highly cost effective, making it a very popular choice in many industries.

Correx is a lightweight double sided fluted plastic that is easy to print on, and even easier to transport, put up and take down. It won’t crack or fade and can be recycled, making it environmentally friendly.

We print on a variety of different size boards with various thicknesses. Our printing is sharp and clear, allowing your boards to look professional as well as stay in top shape no matter the weather.


Size: 600x400mm, 600x450mm, 600x800mm

Paper: 3mm correx, 4mm correx

Sides: 1 Side, 2 Sides

Packs: 25 - 500

Let your signage attract attention and get your message across in a very cost effective way. Place your order today, and enjoy free delivery across South Africa.